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We dreamed of little things,
in a special place,
far from chaos, closer to the heart

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The Walden Family lives here since more than 5 generations.
Casarampi, June 2022

A spot out of the ordinary, where to relax and being enveloped by nature, where to look at the stars before sleeping or welcome the snow falling on winter days.
All in a small design space, born from a bizarre idea of some young guys and the brilliant hand of Paolo Scoglio, the architect.
Walden House is a small “sailboat” among the Umbrian mountains where elements as wood and glass give the opportunity to experience nearly a visceral bond with the nature.
You will be able to able to wake up admiring the sunrise lighting up the Mount Vettore, or maybe relax having a shower at 15 feet high, among the branches of a 200 year-old oak.
We are lucky enough to experience and enjoy these wonders every, so we really wanted to share them creating something special.

An authentic and spotless place, the organic architecture of our wooden house is the perfect balance between a man-made structure and nature that become one.

We're not talking about a five star resort but a true time machine to travel back to our roots. During your walks around Walden you'll could meet Antonio and Alessandro working on the field, cutting firewood or feeding their animals and get the precious chance to experience a world far away from the routine of your daylife.

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